SYZYGY academy

Embark on a transformative journey of artistic growth with the SYZYGY Academy's innovative tattoo courses. Offering a comprehensive range of learning experiences, from the intensive 12-week masterclass to the focused 8 and 4-week courses, SYZYGY Academy is a haven for those eager to explore the world of tattooing. Led by two exceptionally talented artists who have crafted the curriculum, these courses provide unparalleled insight into fine-line techniques, design theory, and industry best practices. Learning from these seasoned artists offers students the opportunity to absorb not only technical skills but also the artistic philosophy that fuels their creations. Whether you're a beginner seeking to embark on a creative path or a seasoned artist aiming to refine your craft, SYZYGY Academy equips you with the tools and inspiration needed to thrive in the dynamic realm of the tattoo industry.
The courses are set to release in 2024.

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